CAA agree that building a new runway to benefit consumers cannot be achieved at the expense of the overflown

BA aircraft flying low over rooftop“Aviation noise currently affects more people in the UK than any other country in Europe. It affects the quality of life of those who live close to airports, provokes strong feelings among local communities, and is central to the Airports Commission’s work on aviation capacity. As the consumer champion for UK aviation, the CAA’s objective is to ensure that people have access to a variety of options when choosing to travel by air, offering good value for money across a range of prices. We believe that without building another runway in the south east, consumers will suffer from higher prices, reduced choice and falling service quality. However, building a new runway to benefit consumers cannot be achieved at the expense of the overflown. Aviation must manage its impact on the environment and on those living close to airports if it is to expand. The CAA believes that any proposal to increase airport capacity in the UK must show that it is sustainable, must abide by the Government\’s aim of limiting and where possible reducing aviation noise over time, and must ensure that where communities are affected by noise, the impact is minimised, mitigated and compensated appropriately. As such, it is important that policy makers, the aviation industry and stakeholders unite in an effort to confront the issue of aircraft noise in an ongoing, practical, and transparent manner to provide communities the reassurance they need that capacity expansion will not come at a cost to their quality of life.”

Excerpt from CAA’s publication ‘Managing Aviation Noise’

The High Weald Aviation Action Group rejects the second runway application by Gatwick Airport Ltd. on the grounds that it will cause too great an increase in noise, and therefore be too damaging to our environment, tranquillity and quality of life.