Don’t delay – object today!

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Please complain about every low-flying or noisy aircraft you experience. They should be flying at 4,000 feet over Chiddingstone, but many fly much lower, and we must complain to Gatwick or they will assume we’re happy. Which we are clearly not!

There is an easy online page to fill in with your details, and the date and time of the offending aircraft. Please see

Alternatively, you can send an email to with your name and address including post code, saying you wish to log this as an official complaint. Give the exact time that you were disturbed by an aircraft coming into land at Gatwick. That’s all you need to do. Make sure that you mark your communication as an official complaint so that it must be counted in the numbers.

Your can make more of your complaint by copying the following email addresses:

Or do it all in one go by simply clicking this link

Why complain? Because it is one of only a few measurable ways of demonstrating our dissatisfaction with the proposals. Gatwick will find it much harder to convince the airport commission they are doing the right thing if the commission registers our dissatisfaction at the current situation.

There are two things planned by Gatwick that will have an impact on all our lives. Firstly instead of coming in from a wide swathe to land at the airport they propose to come in on a single route.  That route is very likely to be over Chiddingstone unless something is done.  Secondly there will be more than double the aircraft as the proposal will allow increased capacity on the single runway and Gatwick Airport, as you know,  wishes to expand to two runways.