Environmental Groups Oppose Airport Expansion

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Six environmental groups with concerns for wildlife, climate change, sustainability and society (RSPB, WWF, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, AEF and Campaign for Better Transport) have published a manifesto saying that they oppose airport expansion or the construction of any new runways unless any future government ensures the following tests are passed:
– Ensure climate change commitments are not compromised by aviation growth
– Limit the impact of aircraft noise on both health and quality of life
– Protect public health by upholding and toughening air pollution laws around airports
– Examine all local environmental and social impacts of airport expansion, and refuse expansion if the likely impact is unacceptable
– Give preference to using existing airport capacity
– Ensure full parliamentary scrutiny and debate

See the full report under Fly Clean page

The High Weald Parish Councils Aviation Action Group’s policy aims are: no second runway at Gatwick Airport, no night flights, introduction of maximum respite, improved noise measuring standards, aircraft must fly at the maximum safe height and retro-fit of modification to Airbus A320 series.