Gatwick Boasts of Increased Flight Capacity


Air traffic controllers at Gatwick Airport handled a total of 906 movements on 29 August, breaking their own world record for air traffic movements in a day from a single runway.

The record was broken at the end of the busy summer season and the last weekend of the school holidays, with 906 movements equating to a take off or landing every 63 seconds.

NATS is the only air traffic services operator in the world to have ever achieved more than 900 aircraft movements in a single day from one runway – a feat it achieved four times in August. It set the previous record of 895 in 2008 and has consistently set the benchmark for the number of movements from a single runway.

Over the past two years, NATS has worked to increase Gatwick’s declared capacity to deliver seven hours of 55 scheduled movements per day, although even more are not uncommon at peak times.

The High Weald Parish Councils Aviation Action Group advocates the introduction of a policy that offers maximum respite for all communities and individuals affected, and is based upon geography rather than size of population. It should include:

  • The provision of a programme of planned rolling respite for all blighted communities
  • The abandonment of the current policy, which unfairly targets rural areas, areas of tranquillity and areas of low-density population by concentrating flight paths over them.

Photo credit: Topfoto