Gatwick Publishes Regurgitated Noise Action Plan

Easyjet aircraft takes off from Gatwick Gatwick Airport Ltd has published a press release announcing what appears at first sight to be a new ‘Noise Action Plan’, thus raising hopes among the thousands of people adversely affected by new flight paths that some relief may be at hand. But on close examination, confirmed by Gatwick, it turns out to be nothing more than the Noise Action Plan which was published in November 2013 and, after a rushed consultation, submitted to the Government in February 2014. Indeed the front cover is still dated November 2013. Read more under the Fly Quiet page.

The High Weald Parish Councils Aviation Action Group’s policy advocates the adoption of noise measurement standards to replace noise averaging (as represented by the current use of the 57dBLAeq yardstick), so as to reflect better the actual impact of individual noise events. The assessment of impact would be based upon the latest technical opinion on Noise Disturbance and its correlation with health issues. This, along with the use of more meters, would make make noise reduction targets more realistic.