‘No business case’ to support a second runway at Gatwick

Walsh, Willie - CEO of British Airways, Ireland - during the press conference for the entry of Air Berlin into the onewoTopfoto

Boss of British Airways’ parent company suggests there isn’t enough demand from airlines for a second runway at Gatwick Airport.

Willie Walsh, the head of British Airways’ parent company, has ruled out supporting a second runway at Gatwick, even if it is given cialis generique the go-ahead by policy makers, arguing that he doesn’t believe there is a business case to support expansion at the West Sussex airport.

Mr Walsh, who is chief executive of International Airlines Group (IAG), suggested there is insufficient demand from airlines for extra capacity at Gatwick.

His intervention comes at another critical moment in the long-running inquiry over where to build Britain’s next runway, as the body set up to investigate the issue prepares to test public opinion through a national consultation. Gatwick is battling against its larger rival Heathrow for the right to expand.

Mr Walsh campaigned heavily for a third runway at Heathrow during a previous inquiry, only to see a decision to expand Britain’s biggest airport over-turned by the Coalition when it came to power. He has taken a step back during the current process, which is being carried out by Sir Howard Davies’ Airports Commission, but said on Friday that he would be unable to support expansion at Gatwick, even if it was recommended by policymakers.

“I would not support a runway at Gatwick because I don’t think there is a business case to support it,” the airlines boss said.


Nathalie Thomas, Transport and Leisure Editor, The Telegraph
31 October 2014