No Second Runway


No second runway
The High Weald Aviation Action Group opposes an additional runway at Gatwick Airport. The Airports Commission has recommended that an additional runway will be required in the south east before 2035 if the economy is not to suffer. Sir Howard Davies has reduced the number of options for its recommended solution to three. Two options at Heathrow and one at Gatwick. Once the commission makes the recommendation it will be up to the new government elected in May 2015 to accept or reject the recommendation.

The Group will show with others that there are not sufficient skilled workers to provide the jobs that Gatwick say will be created: There are not the houses or the schools or hospitals to support the influx: The cost of creating the surface access, the roads, rail and other transport links have not been calculated: That the burden of noise and pollution of all types is unsustainable: That the loss of an area of outstanding natural beauty along with nationally important heritage sites is an unacceptable price for placing an additional runway at Gatwick. And whatever the Airports Commission recommends we know that the final decision will lie with the next government and we will continue to make the case.

3 thoughts on “No Second Runway

  1. Mrs Paddy Bunn.

    I protest to the second runway . I live in Chiddingsone under the runway . I can stand out side and count ten aircraft round the sky , coming in every 90sconds . The quality of life has been made noisy , day and night when the wind is in the right direction. To have double the amount of aircraft over an area of out standing beauty, not mention historical interest to many tourists , which brings employment to the people here. There will also be even more pullution over the crops growing in the fields and the children at the school,220 of them. I think the south east is full of enough people now. There other parts of the country which need an injection of employment , and they would not have to travel across England to fly around the World .

  2. The increase noise from the change of route is already affecting the quality of life in this region, and a second runway will only make this worse. Therefore I support the objections to the proposed second runway.

  3. My opinion has not changed since I last protested.

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