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We aim to represent the majority view of our communities.  We want a constructive engagement with Gatwick Airport and all those with an interest that allows Gatwick to be a sustainable business, crucially one that protects those who live close to the airport.  While Gatwick has so far been unwilling to listen or acknowledge our aims we believe they are reasonable and achievable.  Most importantly our aim is to minimise the burden of noise on all of our communities by sharing it fairly.  We acknowledge that this policy is counter to current government policy that states the fewest number should be affected.  This policy places an intolerable burden on individuals and individual communities.  It offends principles that we hold fast: fairness, freedom and justice.

We trust that by engaging with all those who have an interest in defending our freedom from this burden we can persuade Gatwick, the Airports Commission and the Government that Gatwick is not the right airport for an additional runway; that there should be multiple routes into Gatwick to ensure maximum respite for our communities; that night flights between midnight and six a.m. are not appropriate; aircraft should fly at the maximum safe height to ensure that noise on the ground is minimised and that the A320 series of aircraft should be fitted with a modification to reduce noise from the fuselage.  For more details please read our policy document.

HWCAAG endorsed policy document

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  2. I hope that those who share the aims of Gatwick Obviously Not will recognise the benefit of joining and supporting the Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign (GACC) as well. It costs only £4 a year for individuals and £10 for groups and is an effective means of engaging with the airport, the authorities and the government. We face enormous challenges and need to stand together (which is the purpose of GACC). But at the same time we need local groups to represent local needs.

  3. Somehow a pamphlet of yours was put through my letter box in Langton Green where we have no noise problem resulting from Gatwick aircraft. The industry has worked hard and produced remarkable results in producing quiet engines, the largest aircraft ,the A 380, capable of carrying 600 passengers, is so quiet one could miss noticing it. There is grace and elegance in these aircraft as they ease into the left turn of the base leg, carrying ,in comfort, thousands or people ,who like you and I, could never have contemplated such travel not long ago. Fortunately we have engineers, aerodynamacists who think in terms of creating ,building and improving. In Tunbridge Wells town these aircraft pass inaudibly above the continuous background of traffic noise and yet you go there and so do your children The traffic drowns the aircraft noise. Well clearly aircraft noise around here is not a problem for children or our long term health. We are living much longer and our children grow up to complain or create just as well they always did. I would think the creators live longer. We need people around who think positively. Gatwick will grow, achieve a second runway, carry more and more people on holidays of a lifetime . Fortunately they will remember these long after the complainers are forgotten.
    Happy New Year.

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